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KinFit is a video podcast intended to take over your mind and turn you into a fitness slave!! Well, ok. Not really. In fact, we are really just trying to get more people interested in becoming or staying fit.  We have to believe that there exist individuals interested in getting to know the different facets of health and fitness – or else this whole podcast is going to be a bust! Our 10-12min episodes will be aired once every two weeks, and some of our segments will include,

FitNews: new developments in the fitness industry and health trends;

FitTip: suggestions that may prove to be valuable in your endeavour to better health;

InFOODmation: nutritional info/food for thought;

Reviews on the Run: quick reviews on cool products and gadgets we can get our hands on;

SpeakUP: interviews with specialists in the industry.

Hopefully, you’ll pick up a thing or two, tell someone about it who in turn will tell someone else and somewhere along the way, we would have made a difference in someone’s life. So, go ahead.

Listen. Think. Move. Sweat. Share. Laugh

Who are we?

Michael Choi (host, producer, founder) – Michael graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology and is a Kinesiologist and Performance and Reconditioning Specialist. Since graduating he has worked with various population groups including athletes at the professional, amateur and recreational levels, as well as individuals with acute and chronic health conditions in both the private and public healthcare sector. Prior to this, he also spent time as an Assistant Coach and Conditioning Coach with Dawson College's AA Men’s Volleyball team (2001-2005). A former multi-sport athlete himself, Michael has played competitive ice hockey, volleyball, badminton, and baseball growing up in Montreal.

Tiffany Moey (host, producer) – A certified Athletic Therapist from Concordia University, Tiffany has worked with several sports teams ranging from the recreational to university levels, and is currently working out of McGill University's Sports Medicine Clinic and is a therapist for the McGill swim teams and track and field teams. In order to create an even more hectic schedule, Tiffany also holds a second degree in Dietetics from McGill University and is a Registered Dietitian. A lifelong fan of food, it seemed only natural to follow this path. Food and fitness belong together and Tiffany hopes to encourage this philosophy.

Contact Us

We love to hear from our viewers so if you have any questions, ideas/topics that you might like us to do or you simply want to lend us a hand, just email us at